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“In art, you can have a look at the world as the world wouldn’t see itself. I find that incredibly exciting,” says Charlotte Seither, presenting ten outstanding works for piano written between 1989 and 2022 – over a period of 33 years. All of these works on make use of playing techniques in which the grand piano is not structurally altered. The sounds are therefore only created in the act of playing and make the individual work a risky event. Some pieces were created in closer succession to each other, because one work already carried the idea for the next. Between others it took time to develop. Masterfully recorded by Clemens Hund-Göschel, Seither’s piano works are presented together on one album for the first time.


 The production of songs undoubtedly constitutes the largest and most significant part of Poul Schierbeck's works. Selected Songs presents a diverse collection of these songs, considered among the richest of his generation, both in scope and quality. These songs, whether well-known or lesser-known, stylistically belong to different periods of Schierbeck's life, but all testify to his outstanding ability to set music to poetry.